#airplanethoughts: Happiness and Hard Work


Seat: 14C

“Hard work and intent play a huge role in serendipity.”

Fact: Anyone in this day in age has the possibility and potential to do and pursue their hearts desire, no matter what your passion is.

Like FORREALS. And I’m just going to say it… ANYONE can work hard. What’s going to set you apart is not only the work you put in, but also the intent behind your actions. Thus leading you in the direction toward your hearts desire and a happiness that can only be attained from the sheer satisfaction of your own personal hard work and achievements….

You know.. that sense of accomplishment you get when you know you fxckin killed it in class and finally got into that select group right of off your #1 inspiration’s shoulder? Or when you practiced so hard for that performance and nailed that tough combo that seemed virtually impossible when you first learned it? Yeah. THAT my friend. That happiness is what I wish for you.

Hard work and intent.

It goes hand in hand.

Let’s fxcking go.

<3, Dea

About #airplanethoughts: Hi, Dea here! I’m grateful you stopped by. :)
So I’ll be honest, sometimes my brain goes crazy while on airplanes. Confined in a little space for hours on end. So I turned to journaling and have been looking for a place to unapologetically vomit all of my thoughts. My hope with this series is that I could inspire just 1 person out there.