January 2019 Recap

January was a month of new. New avenues, new experiences, and new friends.

We started out the year by releasing one of our biggest projects together, a promotion for Disney’s Mary Poppins Returns. Guys, if you don’t know me.. I LOVE Disney. Like, forreals forreals - LOVE! And I’ll just put it out there now, I seriously cried at least 6 times through the process - IT WAS A DREAM COME TRUE. To have the creative freedom to conceptualize and choreograph with my husband for a company I love and adore and believe so much in. It was one of our proudest, craziest moments and to experience it together was just mind-blowing. 


It wasn’t the easiest of processes. God challenged us and we gladly accepted. We had one week from the initial call to conceptualize, organize, choreograph, rehearse, master, film and execute (& get approved) before leaving for a 3 week trip across the world. During this time, we were finishing filming a music video for an amazing artist and had a master class, so time was of the essence. 

We gave this one our all. With little sleep, we story boarded the crap out of the video. We scouted for locations, put together a cast of our students who professionally handled our last minute requests and dedicated themselves to something they had no idea what they were and hired the best videographers and editors in the business to helps execute our vision. We did this all while waiting for final approval from Disney.

We hit a few speed bumps, twists and turns. Receiving feedback - needing to switch out costumes, re-filming everything that was filmed the day before, re-locate and re-choreograph scenes on the fly. God tested our stamina, patience, creativity, and will power. 

It was a crazy time, but we endured it. And we are so so proud of our team - our dancers, videographers, editors and right hands for supporting us and helping our wild dreams come to life.

We are given final approval on our last and final filming date. We even brought our full costumes around the world with us just in case we needed to make adjustments (Thankfully none were needed.)


Mid-january, we were fortunate enough to help our new friend (and one of the hardest working 17 year olds I know), @officialaubreymiller, set choreography for her new original song and music video, “Crossing My Heart.” It was truly an honor and we’re so proud of our dancers for their hard work. Watching Aubrey in action was so inspiring. She’s so natural and confident in front of the camera and we learned so much from her in just one day. We are so grateful to you, Aubrey. Thank you for having us as a small part of your journey. :) For Kevin and I, it was such a dope change of pace being on the other side of the lens and we aspire to have more opportunities like these in the future. 


January also brought us another incredible opportunity. We launched our first social media collaboration with BoxLunch Gifts in support of their Kingdom Hearts 3 Giveaway. Again, the DREAM of working with Disney, now this time BoxLunch x Disney X Square Enix. The trifecta of nerd is so real and seriously tied all of our childhood loves into one package. We are so grateful to you, BoxLunch, for the opportunity to partner with you and help share the magic of this long awaited game we’ve all been D Y I N G to play for the last decade. Make sure to check out BoxLunch KH3 Merchandise. They’ve got the absolute BEST!


Lastly, another first of ours was being in a podcast. We’ve been trying to connect with our good friend, Eddie Mac, to be a part of his podcast, ‘Setting Stages with Eddie Mac.’ The series explores the insight of people who hustle an unconventional path in their careers and we were so honored to have an episode dedicated to lil ol us. Eddie has such a way with words and y’all really need to check out his podcast!

February has some big shoes to fill.

We’re anxious and excited to see what this new month brings. February is a happy and celebratory month for us, Nguyen’s. It’s the month we got engaged and married and Valentines day all wrapped up into one. 

If you made it this far. Thank you. Thank you for reading and thank you for your time in helping me celebrate these milestones. Wishing you and yours a very happy, healthy and successful February. <3