The Essential Packing List for the Germaphobe

What Every Germaphobe and Hygiene Conscious Person Should Never Travel Without


When you first hear about traveling, you immediately think about how fun and exciting it can be. Spoiling your senses with new smells, new sights and sounds. At the same token, traveling can also be a very stressful and maybe even daunting experience for some, especially for my germaphobe and hygiene conscious friends out there.

I get it.

For me, I was raised by a Filipino mom and a sister with an auto-immune disease, so by nature (and situation) I can say that I’m pretty conscious of outside germs. I can honestly say that by now I’m like a level 6 germaphobe. Not too bad but am getting up there on the “crazy".” But hey, it’s for good reason, alright? We dance and teach for a living. The last thing we want to do is get sick.

There are a few things that I’ve found helpful to me on staying healthy while on the road and I want to share them with you in hopes that it helps you too. :)

What every germaphobe and hygiene conscious person should never travel without:


1. Wet Wipes or Hand Sanitizer Wipes

I can’t tell you how many times Wet Wipes came in clutch while on the road. Here are a few examples: 

  • Countless times while on the airplane. This is for washing hands after using the bathroom, if I run out of Clorox wipes and need to wipe down my area. 

    • Tip: the water in the bathrooms are ridden with parasites, especially in older planes. You’re better off “washing your hands” with hand sanitizer or hand sanitizer wipes to kill the germs.

  • While in a foreign country where there was no soap in the bathroom.

  • While in the car stuck in traffic and you decided to eat that treat in the car but immediately regretted it because you spilled it all over yourself and had to clean it up.

2. Lysol Disinfectant Spray To-Go

I’ll be honest, I use Clorox Wipes more often than the Lysol spray only because it comes ready to go. Now don’t get me wrong, the Lysol Disinfectant spray does a great job, especially with cleaning hotel room surfaces. We usually leave one in our toiletry bags as a “just in case.”

3. Clorox Wipes

Call me crazy, but Clorox wipes give me all kinds of peace of mind when traveling and on the road. We use Clorox wipes in every settling in situation:

  • Airplane: Wipe down tray table, seat belt buckle, arm rest and recliner button, window shade and the wall where people lean their heads.

  • Car Rental: Wipe down the steering wheel, door handle, dashboard buttons and air conditioner knobs/buttons, and the window button.

  • Hotel Room: Wipe down all light switches, all door knobs, TV remote control (people fall asleep with the remote control. Gross.), all table tops, the room phone and all the buttons, hair dryer, all handles in bathroom including toilet flusher. 

For a healthier clean, Seventh Generation makes their own disinfectant wipes.

4. Phone Soap

Yeah, you read that right. Phone soap. It’s a UV cleaner that will sanitize your phone from all of those daily germs. We keep one at home but they do make a portable/travel one as well that doubles as a USB charger. Not only will it sanitize your phone, it’ll pretty much sanitize anything that fits inside the compartment (your keys, AirPods, Apple Watch, jewelry.) It’s kind of amazing! And there are plenty of tests on YouTube showing how effective this thing really is!

5. Pain Reliever

This one is not so much preventative care as it is to help with those little surprise headaches you might get along the way or in case of any ache or pain. I’m not too much a fan of medicine but bring a small container for those “just in case” moments.

6. Lens/Electronics Wipes

This is for your phone and any and all electronics you bring on the road. We like these little individual ones because they pack small and can fit in any pocket!

7. Hand Lotion + Lip Balm

After all of those wipes, hand lotion is a great tool to have on hand. Our personal fave is the Neutrogena Hand Cream. Also, keep your lips moisturized with some lip balm.

8. Dryer sheets 

Not so much a necessity when traveling but it does keep your laundry smelling nice and fresh while on the road. Line the bottom of your suitcase with a few of these bad boys and your bag will smell like fresh laundry.

9. Mouth Masks

Yes, we are those Asians on the airplane. But before your write this one off, hear me out! I know it looks silly but just imagine for a second, the person sitting behind you sneezes and their sneeze travels from their mouth and nose to yours and you breath in all of of their nasty germs. Airplanes are such small and enclosed spaces and the air is just constantly cycling around the plane until the door opens. On those long haul overseas flights, breathing in 155 other peoples germs for 15 hours - that sounds like a recipe for a cold or the flu!

  • Tip: keep your little air vent above your seat running and bring a beanie or something to cover your head. That little air vent will push all the germs away from your area.

10. Flushable Wipes

This one is more of a personal preference but flushable wipes on the road is a little replacement from the “tabo” (for you our Filipino readers.)

11. Emergen-C/Vitamin C

Preventative care. For added Vitamin C protection. We use Emergen-C on teaching days or if we’re out of airborne. It gives you a little boost of energy

12. Airborne or Airborne Gummies

Preventative care. Take some airborne before boarding your flight as a little immunity boost. Also, Airborne makes gummies and let’s be real. Who doesn’t love gummy vitamins?

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Happy travels :)