Airplane Essentials Check List

TSA regulations allow a passenger ONE carry on/roller bag and ONE personal item. Since we prefer to only travel with carry-ons (a roller bag and backpack each), our bags are usually filled to the brim!

On our travels, we realized we had a small problem that needed fixing. We needed something to carry all of our valuables in. With going through security checkpoints, we wanted to reduce our chances of misplacing, dropping, losing, setting down, forgetting anything while on the road. We also wanted to avoid the need to reach into my backpack and digging in different pockets to find one thing. We needed something small to act as a “quick access pouch.”

A hack we found that we were able get away with was by bringing a small fanny pack. It keeps everything all in one place, across the chest - knowing it’s safe and sound. Our first fanny pack was very small and only had enough room to carry our passports, boarding passes, a small wallet/cash, inhaler and maybe a chapstick. We finally found a little fanny pack that stretches to fit all of our needs and I’m excited to share it and how we pack it with you all.


What’s in my bag: Airplane Essentials Check List

  • Passports/ID

  • Boarding passes

  • Wallet

  • Phone USB cable + Portable Charger

  • Inhaler/Medicines

  • Chapstick

  • Small Hand lotion 

  • Wired Headphones + AirPods

  • Hairties + Bobbypins

  • Aspirin/Tylenol

  • Wet wipes/flushable wipes

  • Airborne or Emergen-C