EZ Packing Cubes Review

Through our travels, we’ve learned that one thing we absolutely don’t love is checking a bag. It requires extra waiting time, sometimes extra money and you risk the possibility of losing a bag in transit.

For us, we prefer to travel with a carry-on suitcase and a backpack.

Now, I know what you’re thinking. “That’s not a lot of room.” And you’re right, it’s not. So we have to really be mindful of how we utilize every inch of our suitcases.

EZ Packing Makeup Bag and Starter Set

EZ Packing Makeup Bag and Starter Set

Something that’s really helped with not only staying organized, but also a way to pack a lot in a small space is by compressing clothes is by using


You’ve probably heard of them before. Those pouch thingies in the luggage aisle that advertise organization on the road. This is when I found packing cube craze hit us about 5 years ago when our opportunities to travel for work picked up heavily. We’ve experimented with using the Eagle Creek Pack-It System and Muji’s Packing Cubes, and most recently had the opportunity to partner with EZ Packing on our last trip. They sent us their Starter Set and Makeup Kit, we want to share our thoughts with you.

What is EZ Packing?

EZ Packing is a San Diego based mother and son owned company whose goal is to help others get organized while on the road. The company was born out of helping a family member get organized on a trip and here they are today selling quality Packing Cubes.

We know that like an organized home, an organized suitcase gives peace of mind while traveling. Being able to instantly locate an item and easily see what is packed saves time and stress. Traveling is just more enjoyable. - Salo and Monica, EZ Packing

Starter Set and Make Up Kit

The Starter Set came with 4 cubes in various sizes.

Initial thoughts:

  • Kevin: Oooooh, they’re see-through!

  • Dea: LOVE that makeup bag!

  • Kevin: The handles look like they’ll come in handy.

  • Dea: Boy, the largest cube looks awfully big next to the carry-on. I hope it fits.

  • Kevin: The material feels sturdy.

Trip Deets

8 Nights/9 Days = 5 dance classes, 1 performance, 4 tropical vacation days

How We Used Them

Packing for this trip was a S T R U G G L E . We had a combination of work and a beachy vacation all together in one short trip. We really had to plan outfits and be strategic about our clothes.

Kevin used the cubes for the following:

  • Small Square: Socks

  • Sm/Medium: Underwear

  • Medium: Pants

  • Large: Shirts


Things We Noticed That Were Different From Our Other Cubes:


Sizing: The largest cube was an odd fit for our carry-on suitcase. We think it’d be a great fit for a check in bag but we had to fold one end of it to make it fit.

Also, the small square was a little bit of an odd fitting in the bag. If turned sideways, it sticks out like a sore thumb. And if laid flat, it’s a really odd fit in the carry on with the rest of the cubes.

Materials: Another thing we noticed with these cubes is that they don’t “breathe.” This can be a really great thing in the situation of wanting to separate your dirty clothes from the clean clothes. On the other end, this could also mean really wrinkled clothes, and really, really smelly dirty clothes. The Eagle Creek and Muji cubes both have a mesh side to allow the clothes to breathe.


Pros and Cons:


  • Durable materials. These cubes look and feel like they will last us through many trips around the world

  • See through design helps you find what you’re looking for faster.

  • Keeps everything organized.

  • Handles are a nice touch.

  • Does really well with separating dirty clothes from clean clothes.

  • Great at compressing clothes to fit in small space.

  • Really great if checking in a bag


  • No way for clothes to breathe when zipped all the way.

  • Awkward sizing to make it all fit in a carry-on suitcase.

  • Doesn’t fit all pants in one pouch.

Overall Thoughts:

We like them and will continue to use them.

Do we think we can use JUST the EZ Packing Cubes by themselves? To be honest: No. BUT they’re a very nice addition to our current collection of packing cubes and will mix and match them in to fit our personal needs.

We recommend them to anyone looking to get organized on the road. Will share how we pack a 9 day dance and vacation trip in a carry on and backpack very soon. :)

Thank you again EZ Packing for partnering with us!

Happy and safe travels, everyone!